Fashion therapy & Insidious trauma ?! The beautiful link to change GBV

wonder jewel talks about fashion therapy


Towards the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we had the opportunity to get a drop of sunlight and a tiny "escapism". Nitzan Kish Argaman, founder & CEO of WONDER JEWEL, sat down for a deep women's talk with Paz Perahia Arbel from the NGO "No2Violence against women". They shared their different fresh views about the link between fashion . trauma . and violence against women.

We absolutely LOVE the Jewel's we learned from her:

1/ Insidious trauma - of coarse there's a proper term to these collateral damage feelings we *The tribe of women* inherited over generations. It's almost like a global sign language we all speak.

2/ Fashion therapy. Yes. We have so much strength hidden inside our Jewel's and it goes with us for generations.

Check out the podcast in the link attached and hope you enjoy a moment of "escapism" and get inspired to find a solution in your front line whatever it might be. Let's invest in our future and create a fashion sense of security.

 To the full podcast on Spotify click here!

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