The WONDER wisdom of a tribe ...

sister hood at wonder jewel

Besides the fact that the new Netflix movie "You are so not invited to my Bat Mitzva" was hilarious - this tiny little moment when the older sister gives the bat-mitzva girls a cool kid's tip - totally pinched us and summed up a huge piece of what WONDER JEWEL is all about 🍒🍒🍒

It's having someone you can trust and rely on. 

Someone you feel comfortable to share your deepest thoughts with. 

Someone that won't judge you and someone that knows what your going through.
..and then BE there for them!
Listen to them.
Give them those sometimes huge and sometimes just tiny little #tips to help them get through their next challenge ⛹‍♀️
And in those super important moments in life - be there to guide them.
It can be life saving sometimes ⚓

Do you have a #sisterhood in your life?!

Stay tuned for our Guide & Tips soon to come collecting all that WONDER sister wisdom right here in the palm of your hand. Coming soon..

We're on a journey to the stars and you're welcome to join the fun!

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